Error: There were no edits in the selected layers in...

Error Message

The following error is generated when checking data back into ArcMap from an AXF file even though the ArcPad Data Manager window shows that edits to the data have been made.

"There were no edits in the selected layers in <path to AXF file>."


One of the field names in the attribute table is using a SQL Server Compact Edition reserved word.

Solution or Workaround

There are three possible workarounds:

  • Add a new field and name it with a non-reserved word. Use the Field Calculator to update the new field with the attributes from the original field. Delete the field with the reserved word.
  • Click the Fields tab in the Layer Properties window and turn off the visibility of the field. When checking out the data in the future, make sure that the option is checked to only check out fields that are visible.
  • Delete the field.

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