Bug: ArcGIS installation hangs while registering libmwxml.so from NETWORK CLIENTS on Linux Red Hat Version 5


This is a Network File System (NFS) problem with virtual IP and locking.

When installing ArcGIS software on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 5 machine as a network client user, the problem manifests itself as a hang in the setup while registering libmwxml.so.

This bug could potentially happen with any version of software when logged in as an RHEL 5 NFS user.


The problem occurs when RHEL 5 Client A attempts to acquire a POSIX lock by way of NFS to an IP address, but receives a reply from a different IP address.

What occurs:

1. RHEL 5 NFS client attempts to get exclusive POSIX locks on a file.

2. RHEL NFS server (which is multihomed and has multiple IP addresses) responds with the wrong IP address. For example:

eth0 IP:
eth0:0 IP:

The problem manifests when Client A attempts to acquire a POSIX lock by way of NFS to but receives a reply by way of IP


Officially, per Red Hat, this is to be fixed in their next release, RHEL 5.5 kernel.

User Workaround: Create and install ArcGIS software products as a local user.

Server Workaround: RHEL 5 customers are advised to contact Red Hat Support and refer to: RedHat Issue 500653

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