Problem: In Sample Flex Viewer 1.3, dynamic Maps are not appearing in the Live Maps window


In the Sample Flex Viewer 1.3, dynamic maps are not appearing in the Live Maps window.


The sample is set up to use a proxy, in case the crossdomain.xml is not in place.

Addressing this issue requires using the source code of the sample in Flex Builder 3 or another Flex IDE.

Solution or Workaround

When working with the precompiled version of the Sample Flex Viewer 1.3, the requests going through the proxy page cannot be stopped. However, the proxy page can be configured to allow communication to all the Web servers hosting ArcGIS Server services and any other Web server that your application might be requesting a resource from. This is done by adding the URLs to those servers in proxy.config, included in the Flex Viewer folder, without any tokens and setting mustMatch=“false”.

When working with the source code version of the Sample Flex Viewer, to fix the problem using Flex Builder 3:

  1. Open the source code in Flex Builder by importing the Flexviewer.zip file that is included in the sample download. This creates a new Flex Project in the workspace.
  2. Open MapManager.mxl from the src\com\esri\solutions\flexviewer folder.
  3. Navigate to line 147 and comment it out.
  4. Save and run the application. The live maps widget should now show the services properly. The triangle next to the layer name, for example, Payment Centers means that the data is read properly. If a triangle is not present, the service is not being found.

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