Bug: Partitioned tables with local spatial index in Oracle cannot be split or merged


ArcGIS does not support the ability in Oracle to split or merge a partitioned table with a local spatial index.

The following is an example of how one would split an existing partition into two partitions. The current partition is named JAN_2010, and the objective is to split the partition (or months worth of data) into two partitions, where the new partitions will be named JAN_2010_A and JAN_2010_B. This task would typically be performed by the partitioned table's owner.

SQL> ALTER TABLE event_locations SPLIT PARTITION jan_2010 AT (TO_DATE('16-JAN-2010','dd-mon-yyyy'))
INTO (PARTITION jan_2010_a, PARTITION jan_2010_b);

If the events_locations partitioned table contains a local spatial index, the two new partitions after the split operation will not have a local spatial index.


The implementation of the st_spatial_index methods for ODCIIndexSplitPartition and ODCIIndexMergePartition have not been implemented.


If a partition must be split or merged, one must drop the spatial index prior to performing the operation and then re-create the index after performing the split or merge.

If using a global spatial index on a partitioned table, partitions can be split or merged without first dropping the spatial index.

    Last Published : 5/5/2016

    Article ID: 000010817