How To: Intersect a line segment and retain attributes


Instructions provided describe how to plot the vertices of intersection between two feature classes and retain the attributes from each.


  1. Start ArcMap.
  2. Add the two line datasets to the map document (for example, roads and rivers).
  3. Navigate to ArcToolBox > Analysis tools > Overlay > Intersect tool.

    At version 10, navigate to Geoprocessing > Intersect.

  4. Add the two layers to the Intersect tool as inputs.
  5. In the JoinAttributes box, select ALL.
  6. In the Output Type box, select POINT.
  7. Click OK. The output feature class, a multi-part feature class, is added to the ArcMap Table of Contents.
  8. In the Table of Contents, click the selection or click the List by Selection button, and make the output feature class the only selectable layer.
  9. Turn on the Editor toolbar and select Start Editing.
  10. Select the output feature class as the target file and change the task to Modify Feature.
  11. Select all the points in the output feature class.
  12. Turn on the Advanced Editing toolbar and click on the Explode Multi-part Feature tool.
  13. Click Save Edits and click Stop Editing.