Error: Invalid DBA password (-93)

Error Message

When a password with Oracle-supported special characters is used in the ArcSDE for Oracle Post Installation wizard, the ArcSDE installation fails with the following error:

"Invalid DBA password (-93)".

Oracle supports the following special characters in the user password; however, these must be entered using double quotation marks if used in ArcSDE passwords:

Minus sign (-)
Underscore (_)
Colon (:)
Single quotation mark (')
Asterisk (*)
Exclamation point (!)
Pound symbol (£)
Dollar sign ($)
Period (.)
Comma (,)
Slash (/)
Backslash (\)


This is a known issue.

Solution or Workaround

To workaround this issue, add double quotation marks around the ArcSDE password that contains special characters, for example, "sde/sde".

The At sign (@) is not supported in the SDE user password, because ArcSDE interprets the substring after the first @ as the net service name.

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