Problem: Cannot publish MSD, but MXD files publish successfully


MSD files fail to start when created, giving an error. However, MXD services start without a problem.

The possible error messages are as follows:

- "Server object instance creation failed on all SOC machines."
- "Unable to instantiate class for xml schema type:CIMDEGeographicFeatureLayer"


The XmlSupport.dat file in the <ArcGIS Install Directory>\bin folder is corrupted.

Solution or Workaround

The solution to this problem is to replace the XmlSupport.dat file with a copy of one that is not corrupted.

  1. Download the attached XmlSupport.zip.
  2. Backup the XmlSupport.dat file by copying the XmlSupport.dat file from the <ArcGIS Install Folder>\bin to the Desktop.
  3. Delete the original copy of XmlSupport.dat.
  4. Extract the contents of XmlSupport.dat to the <ArcGIS Install Folder>\bin
  5. Restart the ArcGIS Server Object Manager Service.

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