Problem: Labels for some point features in an event layer do not display on refresh


Upon refresh, some of the point features in an event layer drawn from dynamic data do not display labels.


The extent of the event layer is set when it is first drawn in an MXD file. If a feature in an event layer is drawn from dynamic data, the feature may travel outside of the original extent of the layer.

This causes unexpected behavior, such as the feature being drawn in its correct location, but without its label.

Solution or Workaround

To work around this issue, set up dummy points that fall outside of the extent that the points in the event layer will travel. The dummy points act as the extent, giving the event layer an extent that will not be breached.

In the example below, when possible, X and Y values for the dynamic table fall inside of the green box only; the red points represent extremely high and extremely low X, Y combinations.

  1. In the table acting as the data source for the event layer, create two new records.
  2. Give one of the new records an extremely high, static x value and y value in the field to be used as the north and east extents of the event layer.
  3. Give the second record an extremely low, static x value and y value. This will act as the south and west extents of the event layer.