Bug: Reconcile fails with error "Invalid column data type" for ArcSDE on SQL Server


When attempting to perform a reconcile with ArcMap, the operation fails with the following error message:

“The version could not be reconciled
Invalid column data type”.


The cause of the problem is ArcGIS does not support all database types. For example, ArcGIS does not support the ArcSDE datatype 'SE_INT64'. ArcGIS never creates any objectclasses and attribute types as SE_INT64.

If the ArcSDE server configuration parameter INT64TYPES is set to true, then specific operations in ArcGIS, such as reconcile, will encounter invalid 'SE_INT64_TYPE' data types, and the operation will fail with the error message referenced above.

For more information on data types, see the link in the Related Information section below.


Never enable the 'INT64TYPES' server configuration parameter. Always keep the value set to 0 (False).

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