Error: Cannot start ArcSDE, check for zombie process

Error Message

When trying to start the ArcSDE service with sdemon -o start, it fails with the following error:

"Cannot start ArcSDE, Check for zombie process."


This is a known issue.

Solution or Workaround

  1. To address this issue, first verify that the settings in the host file and/or ipconfig file (if it exists) are correct.

    Run $HOSTNAME, then ping that response, or telnet $HOSTNAME 5151 to verify that the network is properly configured.
  2. Edit the IPNODE system file by adding 'IPADDRESS MACHINENAME loghost'.

    Use the -s option with the IP address, fully qualified domain name, or machinename.

    For example:
    sdemon -o start -s servername
    editing the IPNODE system file and adding the 'IPADDRESS MACHINENAME loghost'.