Bug: ArcMAP Identify command returns "Nothing found" when identifying a spatial view based on st_geometry points


When using ArcMAP's identify command with a spatial view referencing a point feature class stored as st_geometry, the following error message is returned:

"Nothing found".


The SQL statement used to query spatial views is missing commas that separate the selected attributes in the select list. The query fails with an underlying DBMS error, ORA-00923, that is not being reported to the end user in ArcMap.


When using the Identify command, add the feature class that the spatial view references to ArcMap. The identify command returns the correct results when working with the underlying point feature class, as well as when using line and polygon feature classes.

This issue is limited to point feature classes in a spatial view that reference a feature class with its geometry storage as st_geometry. Feature classes stored with SDEBINARY or SDO_GEOMETRY work correctly.