Error: The SOC account cannot resolve the path to the data...

Error Message

When publishing an MSD as an ESRI Optimized Map Service that uses a direct connection to an ArcSDE Database on Oracle, ArcGIS displays the following error:

"The SOC account cannot resolve the path to the data...".


Using the following syntax in the Database Connection properties causes the following problem:

Service: sde:oracle10g:/;LOCAL={Instance}

This syntax is required for operating system authentication. This is a known issue when using operating system authentication. Users are encouraged to use only database authentication for Oracle spatial database connections at this time.

Solution or Workaround

When using database authentication in the Spatial Database Connection properties, the correct syntax is as follows:

Service: sde:oracle10g
User name: {User Name}
Password: {Password}@{Instance}

For more information about configuring this connection, refer to the following help topic:
ArcGIS Desktop Help: Setting up a direct connection to Oracle

If operating system authentication is required, publish the MXD as an ArcGIS Server Map Service, as this behavior is specific to MSD-based services.