Problem: IIS 7 error when enabling authentication on a Web Application with a local connection to an ArcGIS Server Service


Changing the Authentication Properties of an ArcGIS Server Web Mapping Application that uses a local connection to an ArcGIS Server Map Service throws an error.

"Configuration section encryption is not supported"


Encrypted identities are supported in ASP.NET, but IIS 7.0 does not support configuring applications that contain them.

Solution or Workaround

Follow these steps to work around the error in IIS 7.0 and then restore the application's web.config file back to its original state.

  1. Navigate to the Web application's web.config file and open this file in a text editor, such as NotePad. This will be in the folder with the application's name in the server's \inetput\wwwroot folder.
  2. Temporarily remove the <identity></identity> section from the file, pasting it into a blank text file. For example:

    <identity configProtectionProvider="DataProtectionConfigurationProvider">
    <CipherValue>hfghfggfhfery46456fgdfgdfghfgh ==</CipherValue>
  3. Save the web.config file.
  4. Open IIS 7.0 Manager and navigate to the Web application.
  5. Double-click on Authentication in the right-hand side of IIS 7.0 Manager.
  6. Enable Windows Authentication.
  7. Paste the <identity></identity> section back into the web.config.
  8. Save the web.config.

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