Problem: Unable to see the changes in Sample Flex Viewer after modifying the configuration file for the widgets


Changes made to an .xml configuration file after a Flex application is run in a browser for the first time may not be seen, even after refreshing or clearing the browser cache.

For reference, the Sample Flex Viewer available in the Code Gallery provides a number of sample widgets, for example, BookmarkWidget, that have their own configuration files, such as BookmarkWidget.xml.

These .xml files can be modified to make changes to the widgets, like creating a new bookmark by editing BookmarkWidget.xml.


A Shared Objects file (.sol), which is a collection of cookie-like data, is stored as a file on the computer. In case of BookmarkWidget, the .sol file is here:
C:\Documents and Settings\<loginname>\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\23CF2XD5\<machinename>\flexviewer\com\esri\solutions\flexviewer\widgets\BookmarkWidget.swf

Folder 23CF2XD5: This name is randomly generated.

flexviewer: This is the name given to the flexviewer sample folder that is copied to C:\inetpub\wwwroot.

Solution or Workaround

To fix this issue, the Adobe Flash Player Settings can be changed for Local Storage.

  1. Run the Flex application, right-click in the Flash Player, and select Settings from the context menu. A dialog box opens that allows for the various settings to be changed.
  2. Click the Local Storage tab and set it to None. Open the tab for Local Storage and drag the slide to set the storage to None so that no 'Flash cookies' are stored for that particular page.

    If using Flash Player 9, the following error may display:
    The application works properly and changes are reflected even with this error.

    This error does not occur with Flash Player 10.

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