Bug: Checking in a file geodatabase results in data loss when a split feature creates an overlapping OBJECTID that is deleted in the same edit session


This issue has been fixed at ArcSDE 9.3 Service Pack 1

Potential data loss occurs when checking in a file geodatabase after a disconnected editing session in which splitting a feature results in overlapping ObjectIDs that are then deleted in the same editing session.

The feature with the duplicate ObjectID on the parent SDE geodatabase is deleted after check-in synchronization.

The issue happens only when a file geodatabase is checked out, and when creation of overlapping ObjectIDs and the deletion of the same ObjectID happen during the same editing session.


This is a known issue.


Upgrade the installation with the latest service pack, if necessary.

The latest service packs and patches for ArcSDE can be found at: Patches and Service Packs for ArcSDE.

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