Bug: Select statements issued against a multiversioned view in DB2 and Informix return base table information


When using a multiversioned view against versioned data in a DB2 or Informix database, issuing a SELECT statement against the view without first setting the geodatabase version returns only the information in the base table.


The multiversioned view is not defaulting to the DEFAULT geodatabase version.


Always set the version before issuing a SELECT statement against the multiversioned view. This must be done before every SELECT statement.

For DB2, call the sde.setcurrentversion stored procedure to set the geodatabase version.

For Informix, execute the sde.set_current_version function.

For more information on working with multiversioned views, see the ArcGIS Desktop Web Help topic, "Using multiversioned views", listed in the Related Information section below.

  • For DB2, the syntax to call the sde.setcurrentversion stored procedure is as follows:

    CALL sde.setcurrentversion('<version_name>',?,?)
  • For Informix, the syntax to execute the sde.set_current_version function is as follows:

    EXECUTE FUNCTION sde.set_current_version('<version_name>')

Related Information