Error: Failed to connect to the database. SDE is not accepting connection requests

Error Message

When attempting to connect through a spatial database connection in ArcCatalog with an application service connection using a service name or port number, the following error is returned:

"Failed to connect to the database. SDE is not accepting connection requests".


When the service is paused, current application service connections continue to function; however, additional application service connection requests are denied. This allows current users to complete work before the service shuts down. New connection attempts made after the service is paused receive the error message.

Solution or Workaround

The sde command line can be used to check for paused services and to resume services, if necessary.

Use the following commands to investigate this behavior:

▪ To return service connection status:

sdemon -o status -i <service name>

▪ To list all sde services and their service status (running, stopped or paused:

sdeservice -o list

▪ To resume a paused service and enable new connections:

sdemon -o resume -i <service name>

Upon successful execution of this command, the following message is generated: "Instance <port#> is Resuming, new connections will now be allowed."

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