Problem: JPEG2000 (.jp2) files flicker when rendering in ArcPad.


When ArcPad draws a JPEG2000, on either the desktop or on a mobile unit, the image constantly flickers until the image is completely drawn.


This is a known limit with respect to processing rasters using ArcObjects. There are components that optimize the display that are not exposed in ArcObjects (and therefore not available in the ArcPad Data Manager).

Solution or Workaround

Since the required ArcObjects are not exposed to the ArcPad Data Manager, ArcMap needs to be used to access these components. This is done by converting the image to a different format.

  1. Start ArcMap and add the source JPEG2000.
  2. Right-click the image in the Table of Contents. Navigate to Data > Export Data.
  3. In the Export Raster Data dialog box, check the Use Renderer and ensure the Force RGB is also selected. Select output image format type, name, and file path and click Save.
  4. Open the new image in ArcPad.