Problem: Unable to see image overlays in Google Earth 4.3 or later while using WMS service


In Google Earth 4.3 or later, if a single layer is added from a WMS service (published using ArcCatalog or Server Manager) as an Image Overlay, the layer does not display. Instead, an 'X' appears on top of the globe.


The mandatory parameter ‘styles’ is not defined/set when a single layer is added.

Solution or Workaround

Modify the Image Overlay properties to include the STYLES parameter.

  • Right-click on the Image Overlay and open the properties. Check the Link property. Manually add the STYLES parameter to the Link property string; set it to default, (i.e., STYLES = default).
  • If more than one layer is chosen as Selected Layers, the STYLES parameter is set and there is no need to manually add it.