How To: Use the Streetmap Premium Tele Atlas data in ArcPad 8.0


Instructions provided describe how to use the Streetmap Premium Tele Atlas data with ArcPad 8.0.


The Streetmap Premium Tele Atlas data included with ArcPad 8.0 can be viewed in ArcPad and in the ArcPad Data Extractor. It cannot be viewed in other ESRI Applications. This procedure should be followed when opening the data in ArcPad from a computer or mobile device.

  1. Copy Streetmap Premium Tele Atlas data (North America and/or Europe) from the DVD to a machine.

    The included .navmap file is very large and does not fit on many mobile devices. The Streetmap Data Extractor (DDA.exe) was created to extract small sections of this file. This application is included on the ArcPad 8.0 DVD. The Data Extractor and the Read Me file can also be downloaded from ESRI Support. Click on the Related Topic "ArcPad Streetmap Desktop Data Extractor" for more information.

  2. Open ArcPad.
  3. Select Open Map. The Open Map dialog box may be promted upon opening ArcPad. If so, proceed to step 4.
  4. Select the browse button at the bottom of the Open Map dialog box.
  5. Navigate to location where the streetmap data was copied from the DVD.
  6. Change Files of Type to NavMap (*.navmap) files.
  7. Select the desired NavMap file and click Open.
    Each Streetmap DVD (North America and Europe) has two Navmap files. Both files contain the same data, but one has dimming capabilities for day/night use.

  8. If streetmap data has not been opened previously, there will be a prompt to input a registration code. If the registration code is lost, cannot be accessed, or has never been received, contact an ESRI customer support representative. The registration codes can be requested at no extra charge.
  9. The ArcPad map document should now contain streetmap data.

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