Problem: ArcIMS Java Connector Projection string values do not accept quotation marks


When specifying a string value to project the map to the Java Connector, quotation marks are not accepted as part of the projection string.

Solution or Workaround

When executing projections by string value using the Java Connector, the following XML escape entity must be used instead of quotation marks: [ampersand]quot[semi-colon].

Note that [ampersand] and [semi-colon] are representations for the actual symbols used in the escape entity and are used in this example to avoid the substitution of quotation marks for the escape entity in this article.

The ArcXML Programmer's Reference Guide shows examples of projection strings containing escape entities for quotation marks; quotation marks do not execute properly when projecting through the Java Connector.

Examples are found in the FeatureCoordSys and FilterCoordSys objects sections of the ArcXML Programmer's Reference Guide.

  1. Replace all quotation marks with the appropriate escape entity in the projection string.

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