How To: Access ArcGIS Server Image Services using KML or KMZ protocol


A KMZ or KML file can be retrieved through the ArcGIS Server REST Services Directory for use in a KML or KMZ client such as Google Earth or ArcGIS Explorer. Access to ArcGIS Server Image Services using the KML or KMZ protocol is not available through a SOAP endpoint URL such as, http://esri.com/arcgis/services.


Instructions provided describe how to either open the KML or KMZ file or save it to the computer.

  1. Open the ArcGIS Server's Services Directory using following the URL: http://<server name>/<instance name>/rest/services.
  2. Click on the link to the Image Service to download it as a KML or KMZ.
  3. When the Image Service's Directory opens, click on the Google Earth link next to 'View In'.