Bug: Non-versioned spatial data in SDELOB storage type upgraded from 9.1 cannot be edited in ArcSDE for Oracle


When performing non-versioned edits on a feature class in Oracle that uses SDELOB geometry storage, the edit operation fails and the following error message is returned if the feature class was originally created with ArcSDE 9.1 or lower.
This bug only affects ArcSDE for Oracle.


When an ArcSDE for Oracle geodatabase is upgraded from ArcSDE 9.1 to a later release, the ArcSDE-managed trigger, SPCOL_DEL_CASCADE_ XX, does not get upgraded for non-versioned feature classes that use SDELOB storage.


There are two options to workaround this problem.

[BOLD}Option 1:
Register the affected data as versioned, and perform the edits in a versioned editing session.

Option 2:
If it is necessary to keep the data as non-versioned, the outdated trigger can be updated by copying and pasting the data. The following steps describe how to do that.

Grant SELECT privilege to another user who will temporarily hold the data.

Connect as the user to whom the SELECT privilege was granted. Copy and paste the affected data to the current user's schema.

Grant SELECT privilege on the newly pasted data to the original owner.

Reconnect as the original owner of the affected data. Delete the original data. Copy and paste back the data from the user who temporarily owned the affected data.

The newly pasted data will have the up-to-date triggers created on it.