How To: Modify the network path of Service Overviews in Image Server for raster datasets with more than 100 rasters


The Edit Raster Properties wizard in Image Server allows the user to change the network path for all of the rasters in that service in one step. However, the wizard only allows a survey in the first one hundred records when populating the paths to be changed. Instructions provided describe how to allow the wizard to populate the recognized path for the service overviews.


The Edit Raster Properties wizard is designed to allow a one-step manipulation of the source data path for each image service. For services with over one hundred rasters, the wizard only evaluates the first one hundred records in the service table. If the location of the source data changes, or if the whole service is moved to a separate server, then the paths to the data must be modified to match the new path. While generating the Service Overviews for smaller raster datasets is a quick procedure, as the size of the dataset increases, the time to recreate the Service Overviews also increases. If the Service Overviews for the image service that is to be moved has already been created, then it would save processing time if the paths could be altered like the paths to the source rasters can.

Without this procedure, the wizard does not recognize the path to the service overviews. Manually editing the paths in an editing session only edits the portion of the path that is visible in the field. Allowing the wizard to recognize the path allows the whole path to be altered at one time.

  1. Be sure that Image Service Editor is installed and that it is activated.
  2. Add an ISCDEF image service file.
  3. Open the Service Table and select a raster and a Service Overview.
  4. Open the Edit Raster Properties Wizard.
    Image Service Editor > Advanced > Edit Raster Properties.
    [O-Image] [O]
  5. Click Next at first screen and select Paths to Raster Source Data.
  6. Click Display Raster Source Paths check box to populate the paths to the raster and source overviews.
  7. Edit each path to the new network path.

Last Published: 5/5/2016

Article ID: 000010564

Software: ArcGIS Image Server 9.3.1, 9.3, 9.2