Error: ERROR: Unable to load server library (/sde11/sdeexe93/lib/libsdeora11gsrvr93.so), Error = -324

Error Message

During an upgrade or installation of ArcSDE with Oracle, a combination of the following error messages is returned:

“ERROR: Unable to load server library (/sde11/sdeexe93/lib/libsdeora11gsrvr93.so), Error = -324”

"Error: /arcsde/sdeexe93/lib/libsdeora11gsrvr93.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"

"Error: Server library could not be loaded (-324)"

Depending on the version of Oracle being used, the error message may not be identical to the error messages shown above.


The ArcSDE administrative operating system account (sde) has not been granted the appropriate group permissions.

Solution or Workaround

The ArcSDE administrative operating system account (sde) needs to be assigned the Oracle Install (oinstall) group as its primary group in order for the Oracle libraries to be correctly located and accessed, along with making the sde account a member of the database administrator (dba) group. This allows the repository creation to succeed on the new ArcSDE 9.x install, which then allows access to the necessary libraries.

  1. Refer to the appropriately versioned Oracle installation guide for full details on how to assign the sde account to the oinstall and dba groups.

    If necessary, refer to the appropriately versioned ArcSDE for Oracle Installation guide to verify that the required Oracle permissions have been granted to the SDE user in Oracle. Links to the ArcSDE 9.2 and 9.3 for Oracle Installation guides are located in the Related Information below.

Related Information