How To: Install the MetadataServer with three-tier ArcSDE connection or Direct Connect


The MetadataServer installer creates a dependency in ArcSDE for the machine on which the MetadataServer is installed. When the MetadataServer service is started, if the ArcSDE service is not found on that machine, an error is returned. This is the case with three-tier ArcSDE connections and Direct Connect scenarios. In these cases, the MetadataServer service needs to be created without the dependency. Instructions provided describe how to install the MetadataServer with a three-tier ArcSDE connection or Direct Connect.


Follow the steps below if the ArcSDE service is not present on the same machine on which the MetadataServer service is installed.

  1. Run the MetadataServer installer and input the connection information at the Publish Metadata Parameters page. Finish the installation and dismiss any errors that may occur on the first attempt to start the MetadataServer service.
  2. Open the 'PTWeblink.cfg' file located at <MetadataServer Installation Directory>\etc\.
  3. Verify that the SDEWORKSPACE tag parameters have the correct connection parameters specified. The SDEWORKSPACE tag appears twice in the file, around lines 37 and 130.

    If Direct Connect is being used, the 'instance' parameter needs to be verified according to ArcIMS AXL notation, available at http://webhelp.esri.com/arcgisdesktop/9.3/index.cfm?id=2773&pid=2770&topicname=ArcSDE_connection_syntax.

    If ArcCatalog is installed on the MetadataServer machine, the connection parameters can be tested by using the same connection information to connect through ArcCatalog.

  4. Delete the MetadataServer service. To do this, open the command prompt on the MetadataServer service machine and type:

    sc delete MetadataServer

  5. Recreate the service, without the local SDE dependency. At the command prompt on the MetadataServer service machine, type:

    sc create MetadataServer binPath= c:\MetadataServer\bin\metadataserver.exe start= auto

    The example above assumes that the MetadataServer is installed in the C:\MetadataServer directory. Substitute your installation path if needed.

  6. With a three-tier ArcSDE connection, verify that the SDE service is running on the remote SDE machine.
  7. The MetadataServer machine may need to be restarted, as the installer alters a local system PATH environment variable that is sometimes not recognized until the system is rebooted.
  8. Start the MetadataServer service.