FAQ: Can ArcGIS Business Analyst Server be installed remotely?


Can ArcGIS Business Analyst Server be installed remotely?


Yes, at version 9.3, ArcGIS Business Analyst Server allows an administrator/user to deploy the installation remotely.

To install ArcGIS Business Analyst Server remotely, the administrator needs to perform an admin install. An admin install uses the Windows Installer (MSI) technology.

ArcGIS Business Analyst Server version 9.3 has two Setups. One installs the Business Analyst Data, and the other installs the server features. The MSI command for both Setups has the same syntax:

msiexec /A <path to the setup>\setup.msi

An admin install can be created using the above MSI command. This command can also be executed silently using the following format:

msiexec /A <path to the setup>\setup.msi /qb TARGETDIR=<the location where you want the admin created>.

The TARGETDIR, in the above example, can be a network location.

The admin install sets up the structure needed to run the Setup. Execute the Setup from this location instead of the DVDs.

This is useful if:
▪ Accessing a remote server
▪ Or accessing a server that has no media drives.

Perform the admin install over a network drive, then map that network drive to the remote server and begin the installation.