Error: Delete feature: An unexpected failure occurred.DBMS table not found[database.schema.table][state_id=####]

Error Message

When editing a feature class with a missing or corrupted i-table, an error message similar to the following is returned:
"Delete feature: An unexpected failure occurred.DBMS table not found[territory.SDE_USER.Alumbra][state_id=4622]".

This applies only to SQL SERVER databases.


If the i-table of a feature class has been manually deleted or corrupted, valid ROWID and shape identifiers cannot be generated, resulting in an error message.

Solution or Workaround

Verify that the i-table is either missing or corrupted. Delete the i-table if it has been corrupted. Upgrade the geodatabase by running either the sdesetup –o upgrade command or the repository setup option from the Post Installation wizard. ArcSDE automatically generates a new, valid i-table.