How To: Optimize Add Business Listings queries using Business Analyst


Instructions provided describe how to optimize the Add Business Listings (i.e., infoUSA) queries using Business Analyst on a national level (United States).


For national queries, setting a geographic filter significantly speeds up processing time. For example, if a list of all 'McDonald's Restaurants' in the U.S. is desired, the following approach ensures that working with the infoUSA file is optimized.

  1. Set the zoom level equal to the entire country. From the Tools toobar, click on the Full Extent icon.
    This ensures that the analysis extent includes all states.
  2. Confirm the analysis extent. From the Business Analyst drop-down menu, mouse over Set Analysis Extent and click on Sets analysis extent to current map view.
  3. From the Business Analyst toolbar, select Data and Add Business Listings. Name the new layer (optional). Click on the Select button for Business Name. Enter in the name of the business desired and add it to the list of business names. Do this for as many business names as are desired. Click OK.
  4. Click on the Select button for Location. Select the option to Search inside current extent. Click OK when finished.
    [O-Image] dialog box for infousa
  5. Click Finish to add business listings.