Problem: Server Cache tool execution dialog box remains on top of all other windows


When the geoprocessing tools for creating and deleting an ArcGIS Server cache are executing, the execution dialog box remains on top of all other windows, not just ArcCatalog.

The geoprocessing tools mentioned above include:
Create Map Server Cache
Delete Globe Server Cache
Delete Map Server Cache


This is a known issue when the geoprocessing tools are launched from the Map Service Properties or Globe Service Properties dialog boxes. Since the Service Properties dialog boxes are modal, a limitation of the Visual Basic for Applications framework forces the execution dialog box to be shown above all windows.
For more technical details about this limitation, please see the knowledge base article in the Related Information section below.

Solution or Workaround

  • Launch the Server Cache tools from ArcToolbox > Server Tools > Caching, rather than from the Service Properties dialog boxes.
  • Windows 2000, XP, and 2003Server
    Right-click the execution dialog box's header bar and select Minimize to minimize this window to the Windows taskbar.
    Right-click the dialog box's header bar and select Minimize.

    [O-Image] MinimizeCacheDialog
  • Windows 2008Server and Vista
    The minimize option is disabled on Windows 2008 Server and Windows Vista; therefore, there is currently no workaround for these Windows platforms.

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