Bug: DBMS table not found (-37)


The 'sdegcdrules -o list' command fails on a DBO schema, returning the following error:

DBMS table not found (-37)

ArcSDE 9.2, ArcSDE 9.3, ArcSDE 9.3.1 for SQL Server 2005 or SQL Server 2008 DBO schema are unable to list the geocoding rule files and report the error.


The 'sdegcdrules -o list' command fails on a DBO schema.

When running an sde post installation to create an sde database with a DBO schema using a Windows authentication and then running 'sdegcdrules -o list', the following error message returns:

C:\Documents and Settings\ssluser>sdegcdrules -o list -i 7272

ArcSDE 9.3 for SQL Server Build 546 Thu Sep 18 12:35:50 2008
Geocoding Rule Table Administration Utility
Error: DBMS table not found (-37).
Error: Cannot list entries in the geocoding rule table.


Create a new database with a SDE schema.