How To: Use My Mobiler to view processes performed on a mobile device from desktop PC


According to My Mobiler site, My Mobiler is a freeware application that provides the ability to view and/or control the processes performed on a connected mobile device from the desktop PC. Instructions provided describe how to use My Mobiler to view these processes.

With My Mobiler it is possible to -
· View a mobile screen on the desktop
· Control a mobile device by using desktop keyboard and mouse
· Copy/Cut/Paste text between mobile and desktop
· Capture mobile screen
· Drag and drop files to a mobile device
· Support ActiveSync/IP Connection
· Support Mobile Explorer (File Browse)

Used in conjunction with Go2Assist, Esri Support Services analysts can -
(1) troubleshoot and diagnose reported behaviors on a mobile device;
(2) visually confirm users are utilizing proper instructions in mobile work flow procedures;
(3) assist in user training of Esri software mobile applications (ArcPad,
ArcGIS Mobile, ArcLogistics Navigator).


The following procedure involves using My Mobiler, a free third-party utility. This application is not supported by Esri, nor can Esri be held responsible for any damages resulting from inappropriate use of this application.

Install and Launch 'MyMobiler'.

  1. Download 'MyMobiler v1.25' from the following location:
    My Mobiler Homepage
  2. Run the installation program.
  3. Connect desktop PC to mobile device using ActiveSync or, on Windows Vista, Windows Mobile Center.
  4. Run 'MyMobiler' from '<Desktop>\My Mobile'.
  5. Go to menu, Tray Menu > Connect
    - My Mobiler installs remote.exe to the mobile device automatically.
    - If My Mobiler is installed on the mobile device, go to Connect from My Mobiler on the device.
  6. Go to menu, Tray Menu > Open Mobiler
    - A pop-up mobile screen displays on the desktop PC.

    See the Related Information below for additional documentation on the use of My Mobiler.

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