Bug: Unable to register a table as versioned when privileges have been granted to a domain username, "domain\username", in Oracle


Attempting to register a table as versioned when SELECT has been granted to a user with a domain name, "domain\username", fails with an underlying DBMS error ORA-00911: invalid character.


When an object class or feature class is registered as versioned, the privileges that have been granted on the class are then applied to the delta tables that are created for the class to support versioning.

The command fails when attempting to assign the privileges to users who have domain names, "domain\username".


Do not attempt to grant privileges explicitly to Oracle users who have domain name prefixes, "domain\username".

Create a database role in the Oracle database, grant the privileges to the role by way of the privileges command in ArcCatalog, and then assign the role to the user by way of SQL.

If a "domain\username" has already been granted privileges on the object class prior to being registered as versioned, revoke the privilege and then proceed with registering the class as versioned.