FAQ: What is the ArcSDE server-side geocoding deprecation at 9.3.1 and what is the migration plan for 10?


What is the ArcSDE server-side geocoding deprecation at 9.3.1 and what is the migration plan for 10?


Prior to ArcGIS version 10, server-side geocoding was supported in both ArcSDE and ArcGIS Server. In ArcGIS 10, server-side geocoding functionality in ArcSDE will be removed, but geocode services published in ArcGIS Server will continue to support server-side geocoding.

Why ArcGIS Server?

ArcGIS Server provides rich and powerful features to support server-side geocoding functions. This capability has been available since the ArcGIS 9.0 release. The current recommended practice for creating a server environment supporting geocoding is to publish address locators to ArcGIS Server as geocode services and use them for the following geocoding tasks.

- Find a single address
- Batch match a table of addresses
- Interactive review addresses
- Reverse geocode a location and return an address

ArcGIS Server has been enhanced since the ArcGIS 9.0 release and now ArcGIS 9.3 and 9.3.1 offers comprehensive and flexible capability to support server-side geocoding. Although ArcSDE has supported server-side geocoding, it is now no longer the best practice using it for deploying server-side geocoding services. Users can find ArcGIS Server offers a richer server environment, including the following additional features, for supporting geocoding.

- Address locators stored in any ArcGIS workspaces can be used for server-side geocoding.
- Composite address locators can be published as geocode services with ArcGIS Server.
- ArcGIS Server geocode services can be accessed through standard Web APIs such as SOAP and REST.
- ArcGIS Server geocode services can be used and deployed in applications using various scripting languages, including Java Script and Python.

Review the following Web pages to learn more about ArcGIS Server support for geocoding.

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As users migrate and leverage ArcGIS Server for server-side GIS functionally, ESRI will not support server-side geocoding capability in ArcSDE 10 ESRI will continue to provide support and enhancement in ArcGIS Server for geocoding.

What do users need to do to migrate ArcSDE address locators and applications to ArcGIS 10?

1. Address locators created with ArcSDE 9.3 and 9.3.1 will continue to work at version 10. The process of geocoding will occur in the client machine. There is no need to make any changes to the address locators. This also applies to accessing address locators in ArcSDE Workgroup and Direct Connect geodatabases.

2. Address locators, including composite address locators, can be created and managed in ArcSDE geodatabases. Creating address locators in ArcSDE geodatabases will utilize the address locator styles available in ArcGIS Desktop. It is no different from creating an address locator in a file or personal geodatabase with ArcGIS Desktop. Creating address locators in an ArcSDE geodatabase will allow use of reference data from any workspace using ArcGIS 10.

3. Users who have been using ArcSDE address locators as server-side locators will need to use ArcGIS Server to publish the locators and use them as server-side geocode services.

To publish an address locator to ArcGIS Server, open ArcCatalog and navigate to the address locator that is to be published. Right-click on the address locator and click Publish to ArcGIS Server... on the context menu.
[O-Image] Publish address locators to ArcGIS Server
4. Developers who have customized address locators and geocode rule bases will be required to install the geocoding customization files in ArcGIS Desktop, and use them to create custom address locators in any workspaces including an ArcSDE geodatabase with ArcGIS 10. Sdelocator and sdegcdrules commands for installing custom files into ArcSDE will no longer be available and are not needed. Customized address locator styles can be upgraded to ArcGIS 10 and copied into the locators folder under the Desktop 10 installation folder.

5. Programs and applications developed using the SDE C API to support geocoding with ArcSDE address locators will need to be converted to programs using ArcObjects with ArcGIS Server geocode services for server-side geocoding. Alternatively, these applications can take advantage of ArcGIS Server Java, .NET ADFs, or other programming languages and development environments supporting standard Web APIs.