How To: Remove Z- and/or M-values from a feature class


Instructions provided describe how to create a copy of a feature class and disable M- and Z-value associations for the output feature class. These associations cannot be removed from an existing feature class.

  • M-values are routing values.
  • Z-values are elevation values.
ArcGIS Mobile Services cannot contain M or Z enabled feature layers.


  1. Browse to ArcToolbox > Conversion Tools > To Geodatabase.
  2. Open the Feature Class to Geodatabase (multiple) tool.
  3. Add all the feature classes into the Input Feature Class parameter.
  4. Select an Output Geodatabase.
  5. Click the Environments button at the bottom of the tool dialog box.
  6. Expand the General Settings.
  7. For the parameter, Output has Z Values, change the value to Disabled.
  8. For the parameter, Output has M Values, change the value to Disabled.
  9. Click OK in the Environments dialog box.
  10. Click OK to execute the geoprocessing tool.

Last Published: 7/19/2019

Article ID: 000010389