Bug: Cached map services accessed using ArcGIS Server Local connections are not displaying when using WebTier blending


When displaying multiple services in a Map control that is configured with ImageBlendMode = WebTier, cached map services that use an ArcGIS Server Local connection do not display. Instead, the Map displays the message, "<MapResourceItemName> Data Not Available", for the cached service.

This issue applies to Web applications built with the 9.3 Service Pack 1 version of the ArcGIS Server Web ADF for the Microsoft .NET Framework.


This is a known issue.


  • Change the connection type used to access the cached map service(s). Use Visual Studio to remove the existing cached ArcGIS Server Local map service and add it back again using an ArcGIS Server Internet connection.
  • Another option is to change the Map control ImageBlendMode to 'Browser'.