Problem: The Reactivate button on the Tablet PC toolbar is grayed out and unavailable


The Tablet PC toolbar's 'Reactivate' button is grayed out and unavailable.


When using the Sketch tool within a Tablet PC, making edits to the sketch is not possible. This is evident by the 'Reactivate' button being disabled.

Solution or Workaround

When using specific Tablet PCs, a few settings need to be set prior to altering the drawing.

  1. Open the Ink Settings dialog box and set the Ink Sketches option to 'Manually finish'.
  2. Click OK. After modifying this setting, a drawing can be sketched and the Select Element or any other tool can be clicked on. Once the 'Commit Ink Sketch' dialog box appears, click 'Yes'.
    [O-Image] [O]
  3. The 'Reactivate' button is now available.