Problem: When using GIS Portal Toolkit, Tomcat consumes 100% of CPU resources


After launching the GPT application in a Web browser, Tomcat consumes 100% of CPU resources, and does not relinquish them until Tomcat is restarted.

This only occurs on systems running Tomcat and IIS, with the IIS redirector. Apache Web Server users should NOT be affected. We have seen this behavior on both Tomcat 5.5.17 and 5.5.26.


There is a bug in the tcnative-1.dll library that ships with Tomcat.

Solution or Workaround

The tcnative-1.dll that comes with Tomcat needs to be replaced with a newer version (version 1.1.8) found at:


  1. Navigate to Tomcat binaries.
  2. Click the tcnative-1.dll link.
  3. In the File Download dialog box, select 'Save'.
  4. Save the tcnative-1.dll file to a temporary location (for example, Desktop or C:\temp).
  5. After the download completes, navigate to <Tomcat Installation Directory>\bin.
  6. Rename the existing tcnative-1.dll to tcnative-1.dll.old. There is no dependency on this old version being present, but renaming the file indicates that this dll has been updated in the system.
  7. Move or paste in the downloaded tcnative-1.dll from step 4 into the <Tomcat Installation Directory>\bin directory.
  8. Restart Tomcat.

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