Problem: When executing a compress a Trim Error compress warning message appears in the ArcSDE error log


When executing a compress the following error is detected in the ArcSDE error log:

[Mon Oct 13 16:28:21 2008] [773] [HARP] ****************************************************
Trim Error: State 1287619 referenced in state 1288153's lineage is
not found in the STATES table.
Current User: SDE
Current SDE ID: 773
High State:
State ID: 1288153
Owner: JEFF
Status: Closed
CreationTime: 06/18/08 20:31:10
ClosingTime: 06/18/08 20:31:13
Lineage Name: 1291871
LineageLength: 4643
Lineage: 0, 69304, 70653, 74691, 77067, 79908, 82526,
85071, 85231, 87360, 88310, 93932, 95825, 95844, 96544, 97386, 99224,
99872, 102197, 102501,...


This error indicates that a state to be merged away by the trim process was found in the high state's lineage, but the state was not independently added to the list of states to be deleted during the scan to identify the lineage of states being trimmed between the low state and high state.

Solution or Workaround

Contact ESRI Technical Support for additional information on diagnosing the issue and fixing any ArcSDE metadata inconsistencies.