Problem: When executing a compress a Compress Warning message appears in the ArcSDE error log


When executing a compress the following error is detected in the ArcSDE error log:

[Mon Oct 13 10:56:56 2008] [771] [TBROWN] Compress Warning: trim of 112722 to 114437 encountered missing states, and was skipped.
[Mon Oct 13 10:59:25 2008] [771] [TBROWN] Error -172 encountered in trim's state scan.


This error indicates that the compress command encountered a missing state while trimming a lineage.

Solution or Workaround

To identify the ArcSDE metadata inconsistency, execute the ArcSDE sdegdbrepair utility with the -o diagnose_metadata option. The output should indicate a missing state in the ArcSDE states table or an invalid entry in the ArcSDE state_lineages table.

To repair the ArcSDE metadata inconsistency execute the ArcSDE sdegdbrepair utility with the -o repair_metadata option.