Problem: The sde.state_lineages table is no longer present in the ArcSDE instance


When starting an ArcSDE service, the process fails and the following warning message is present in the ArcSDE error log:

ArcSDE 9.3 for Oracle10g Build 545 Wed Sep 17 12:35:52 2008

ST_Geometry Schema Owner: (SDE) Type Release: 1007
Instance initialized for ((sde)) . . .

Connected to instance . . .

Error locating ArcSde system tables and stored procedures (STATE_LINEAGES).
Run ArcSde setup utility (sdesetup*) before starting giomgr.

The message indicates the ArcSDE repository table state_lineages is not present and the service is unable to start.


If the ArcSDE repository table state_lineages is not present when the instance is started, the instance startup fails and prints the error to the ArcSDE error log.

The state_lineages table is a required table used by the geodatabase versioning implementation. The table maintains each state's lineage_name and is used in each version query to derive a state's lineage.

Solution or Workaround

If this error is encountered when starting the ArcSDE service, it is necessary to execute the ArcSDE setup utility to create the state_lineages table. If there are pre-existing states in the instance, the sdesetup utility will populate the state_lineages table with the appropriate values for each state.

Explicitly dropping the state_lineages table and running sdesetup can be used as a workflow to fix any inconsistencies in the ArcSDE state_lineages table. Prior to proceeding, make sure a backup of the ArcSDE instance exists in case of any unexpected failures.

The ArcSDE sdesetup utility needs to be run by the ArcSDE administrator from an operating system command prompt.

D:\>sdesetup -o upgrade -d oracle10g -H d:/esri/arcsde/ora10gexe -u sde -N
Enter DBA password:

ESRI ArcSDE Server Setup Utility Thu Oct 16 14:06:28 2008
Upgrading ArcSde schema.....
Successfully upgraded ArcSde schema.

Upgrading locators.....
Successfully upgraded locators.

Upgrading geodatabase schema:
Successfully upgraded geodatabase schema.

Successfully upgraded ArcSDE instance.

Refer SDEHOME\etc\sde_setup.log for more details.

The sdesetup in this case uses the -o upgrade option since the ArcSDE instance is pre-existing.