Problem: The scale bar is not long enough; scale values overlap


The scale bar element in a Web Mapping Application, created by the ArcGIS Server Web Manager, show overlapping distance values. This usually happens with smaller units, such as feet and meters.



The scale bar has a set size and does not resize dynamically to fit the scale values with many digits.

Solution or Workaround

Expand the width of the scale bar element. This can be done two ways:

  1. If Visual Studio is available, select the ScaleBar control and increase the Width property.

  2. If Visual Studio is not available, edit the Default.aspx directly in a text editor. Increase the value of 165px seen below.
    <esri:ScaleBar ID="ScaleBar1" runat="server" BarHeight="8" Height="35px" Map="Map1"
    Style="z-index: 102; width: auto;" Width="165px" BarUnits="Meters" />

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