How To: Access ArcPad geoprocessing tools in model or script


ArcPad geoprocessing tools are components included with ArcPad Data Manager. ArcPad Data Manager is an extension for ArcGIS Desktop that is installed with ArcPad 7.1 and later releases. The ArcPad Data Manager replaces prior ArcPad toolbars installed with previous ArcPad versions.

The ArcPad Data Manager includes two components:
- The ArcPad Data Manager toolbar for ArcMap
- The ArcPad Tools for ArcToolbox

The ArcPad Data Manager toolbar includes tools to:
- Extract data for use with ArcPad and/or check data out of a geodatabase for editing
- Check in edits that were made in ArcPad
- Export symbology for selected shapefiles into ArcPad Layer files
- Export ArcGIS styles to an ArcPad style

The ArcPad Tools for ArcToolbox consists of the Data Management toolset, which includes two tools:
- ArcPad Check In
- ArcPad Check Out

[O-Image] ArcPad Tools
The ArcPad Tools for ArcToolbox allows data for ArcPad to be checked out and data from ArcPad to be checked in, which are similar capabilities to the Get Data For ArcPad and Get Data From ArcPad tools in the ArcPad Data Manager for ArcMap. The data that is checked out using the ArcPad Data Manager is extracted into a single ArcPad Exchange Format (AXF) file. ArcPad 7.1 is required to work with ArcPad AXF files.


The ArcPad Tools can be accessed from ArcToolbox in either ArcCatalog or ArcMap or within a model. The tools are installed with ArcPad and are automatically activated; however, they can also be activated from within ArcCatalog.

Instructions provided describe how to add the ArcPad Tools toolbox to ArcToolbox.

  1. Right-click any white space of the ArcToolbox window and select > Add Toolbox option.


  2. From the Add Toolbox dialog box, navigate to the installation location of ArcGIS
    and select the ArcPad Tools toolbox selection in the ArcToolbox folder to add it to the ArcToolbox window.

  3. To retain these modified ArcToolbox settings, right-click any white space of the ArcToolbox window and select > Save Settings > To Default option.
  4. The ArcPad Check In and Check Out tools can be used in models, just like other tools in ArcToolbox. The ArcPad geoprocessing model that has been created can be exported to a Python, VBScript, or JScript option in ArcGIS 9.3.1 and prior versions using the Model > Export > To Script tool.

    In ArcGIS 10 and later versions, Python is the only supported scripting language. VBScript and JScript are no longer supported in ArcGIS and later versions.

Last Published: 5/5/2016

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