Error: The user must be the table owner (-96)

Error Message

When using the sdelayer -o register command to register a spatial table with ArcSDE, the following error message may be returned:

ArcSDE 9.3 for PostgreSQL Build 508 Thu Apr 17 12:23:18 2008
Layer Administration Utility
Error: The user must be the table owner (-96).
Error: Cannot Create Layer.


There are a couple of reasons this error message would be returned when running sdelayer -o register:

-The user specified with the -u option is not the owner of the table


-The user specified with the -u option is the owner, but the user does not have a schema name that matches its user name.

The second problem would only be encountered in a SQL Server or PostgreSQL database, since those two database management systems allow user names to differ from their schema names. Although these databases support this, ArcSDE does not and that is why the registration fails.

Solution or Workaround

Be sure the user specified with -u is the owner of the spatial table. If it is, make sure this user's schema has the same name as the user name.