How To: Display a raster catalog using a non-default renderer


ArcGIS determines the default rendering options available for a raster catalog based on the properties of the rasters referenced through the catalog. Certain situations may require the data in the raster catalog to be displayed with a different rendering option. Instructions provided describe how to display a raster catalog using a non-default renderer.


  1. Load the raster catalog into ArcMap.
  2. In ArcMap's Table of Contents, right-click the layer for the raster catalog and select Properties.
  3. Go to the Symbology tab. The default render is displayed with an * on the left panel in the resulting dialog box.
  4. Select the default renderer, and click the 'Remove' button to remove the current default renderer.
  5. Select the desired renderer and click the 'Apply' or 'OK' button. The raster catalog will now display with the new renderer.

    If a renderer that is not listed on the left portion of the window is desired, remove all renderers by clicking on the remove button. Then use the add button to select and add the new renderers. These renderers can then be applied to the catalog.

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