Error: Error: Fail to allocate points array

Error Message

While running the sdegroup command for large featureclasses, the following error occurs if workstation memory allocation is exceeded:

"Error: Fail to allocate points array
Rolling back last traner.(1)
Error: Operation Failed (1).
Error: Cannot Populate Target Layer."


If a recorded tile has a very large number of records, the memory allocation (realloc) could exceed the maximum limit, causing the process to fail.
There are no programming issues with this command that cause this error, rather, it is purely the lack of enough memory in the user machine.

Solution or Workaround

The possible options to work around this error are:

  • Increase the RAM on the machine running the command.
  • Increase the virtual memory to the maximum possible value.
  • Stop other unwanted processes to free more memory.
  • Use smaller tile size to reduce the number of points to be grouped.