Error: A compress operation encounters missing states during a trim operation

Error Message

When executing a compress operation, if there are missing states, a warning message, like the following, is written to the ArcSDE error log:

[05/27/2008 15:15:49;SdeId=2213;Client=alex] Compress Warning: trim of 0 to 168235 encountered missing states, and was skipped.


The warning message is written to the ArcSDE error log if a state in a lineage being trimmed is corrupt. The state is corrupt if its parent state has been deleted. By definition, each state must have a valid parent state and a collection of heirarchical states comprising a lineage.

During the compress operation, a lineage of states can be compressed into one state if there are no versions referencing the interior states of the lineage. If one of the states in the lineage is missing its parent state, the warning message will be written to the ArcSDE error log and the compress operations proceed to the next lineage to compress.

There are additional cases that can cause error if users are editing a version when the compress is executed. In these cases, the error is harmless and the compress can be re-executed. One can verify if the error is harmless by validating their ArcSDE schema by executing the sdegdbrepair -o diagnose_metadata command. If the command returns no errors, this indicates the missing states error was encountered by mistake.

Solution or Workaround

If the warning message is detected, and the sdegdbrepair -o diagnose_metadata command returned data inconsistencies, contact ESRI Technical Support for additional information.