Problem: When registering an Oracle Georaster as a raster catalog, the raster footprint displays but the raster pixels display in black


After creating and registering an Oracle Georaster with ArcSDE, the layer appears in ArcCatalog and the footprint displays. However, when trying to view the pixels within the image, all of the pixels display in black.


The default block size used by Oracle when loading the imagery creates 512 x 512 blocks, which is too large for the default 'rasterbufsize' parameter setting. This causes the raster to display incorrectly.

Review the 'Loading large raster datasets into ArcSde' article for more information on the role of the 'rasterbufsize' parameter in handling rasters.

Solution or Workaround

Oracle's default block size does not provide optimal performance. ESRI recommends creating a new Oracle Georaster and reloading the raster into the Oracle RDBMS using a block size of 128 x 128.

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