How To: Reuse existing ArcPad customizations with new AXF files created during Get Data For ArcPad process


Initial data check-outs from ArcMap to ArcPad using the ArcPad Data Manager toolbar result in the new ArcPad 7.1 AXF format output and less user-friendly edit forms than what is possible with the ArcPad toolbar and ArcPad 7.0.1 and earlier versions.


Instructions provided describe how to obtain the same user-friendly edit forms for new ArcPad 7.1 field editing projects.

  1. Use the 'Get Data For ArcPad' tool to check out data. Specify copy out only.
  2. Open the .apm file in ArcPad and select New > Quickform for the associated shapefile.
  3. Make normal changes in the Layout, Attributes, and Control tabs.
    Numeric ranges and domain lists can be specified in the Control section.

  4. Save the Quickform. Close ArcPad.
  5. Return to ArcMap and use the 'Get Data For ArcPad' tool to check out data. Specify the check out option by selecting the check box for Shapefile Template (located on the far right) and select shapefile in the 'Open Layer' dialog box window. Then, finish the form as usual.
  6. Open ArcPad and navigate to the new .apm file. Start editing, and the customer friendly edit form is now available as it was in previous ArcPad versions.
  7. If a layer is being checked out for an existing ArcPad project using the ArcPad Data Manager toolbar, a Layer Definition Template can be used, which is an existing layer definition (either an .apl file or an ArcPad AXF layer) containing forms, scripts, icons, etc., in order to re-use layer customization templates each time a check-out is performed. Check the Layer Definition Template check box associated to the layer being checked out to select a layer definition.

    The Layer Definition Template check box is only enabled when checking out geodatabase feature layers.