How To: Find the pyramid reference point for a raster stored in SDE


Instructions provided describe how to find the current pyramid reference point for a raster stored in an ArcSDE database.


The syntax below is for an Oracle RDBMS. If the steps below are run on another RDBMS, such as SQL Server, IBM DB2, IBM Informix, or PostgreSQL, the syntax may need to be altered slightly.

  1. In SQL*PLUS, query the raster columns table to find the raster id for the image of interest:

    SQL> select rastercolumn_id from sde.raster_columns where table_name = '<name of your raster>';
  2. Record the value returned in step 1 and use it to run the query below substituting the value for the # sign.

    SQL> select block_origin_x, block_origin_y from <owner>.sde_bnd_#;
  3. The query result from step 2 gives the current x and y block origin (pyramid reference point) for the existing raster.